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Love, Honor, and Tradition

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            Mom and Dad

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Andiamo Artisan Bakery was first established as Josephine's Gourmet Kitchen in November, 2017 in loving memory of our mother Josephine.

With increased customer demand for our products, we expanded our business from a home-based operation to a separate brick-n-mortar in a historic neighborhood of Hamilton, OH known as German Village. The expansion allowed for the development of our product line including refrigerated confections, and hot and cold foods, available in-store only.

Born of Sicilian immigrant parents from Palermo Province, Josephine spent her life in loving service to her family and friends. An avid cook, she was known for her pastries which she generously shared with family, friends, and many others at the holidays and on special occasions.

Josephine's loyalty to the traditions of her ancestors inspired her to pass on her love and knowledge of baking to her children. At Christmas time and Easter, she would often start working at 9:00 or 10:00 p.m. with her devoted husband Vincent and children helping at her direction. After sending everyone to bed, she continued to bake through the night so her family

could awaken to the aromas of Cuccidati and Chocolate Spice cookies at Christmas, and anise-flavored bread and sweet ricotta pies at Easter.

Her culinary expertise was centered in Sicilian tradition, but Josephine loved adding to her repertoire, especially recipes from our father's family, which came from Italy's Abruzzo region. The mix of these two regional culinary traditions, in addition to others, are reflected in our products.

Andiamo Artisan Bakery carries on our family's traditions with love and gratitude, and we hope that our confections will become part of your family's traditions as well.

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