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Italian Cookies

Our Signature Sicilian Almond Paste Cookies - Almond

paste accented with orange, rolled in sliced almonds and topped with a candied cherry. Almond paste with pignoli (pine nuts) are available by special order at additional cost.

Anginetti - Cookie "drops" covered with a light sugar glaze:

Choose from Anise, Lemon, or Pistachio.

Biscotti - Choose between Almond, Anise, Double Chocolate Hazelnut, Honey Fig Walnut, and Orange-Cranberry.


Giugiulena (Biscotti Regina) - Sicilian toasted-sesame cookies with just a hint of citrus. A light cookie, great with coffee!

Tetù - Chocolate-Spice cookies with a light glaze. (Also called "pepper cookies" or "meatball cookies".)

Venetian Torte Bars - Three layers of buttery almond paste

cake sandwiched with either apricot or raspberry jam, and enrobed in dark chocolate top and bottom.

Cuccidati (December only) - Traditional Sicilian cookies filled with dates, figs, nuts, and spices. Glazed and topped with colored sprinkles.

​​Linzertorte (December only) - Classic Austrian confection made with an almond-walnut crust, and glazed with red raspberry jam. Cut into squares.

Pfeffernüsse (December only) - Traditional German Christmas cookie with spices and sugar glazed. (Yes, there's pepper in them!)

Variety Cookies

Butter Almond Rounds - The name says it all. Similar in consistency to a short bread.

Crinkle Cookies - An American classic. Choose between Chocolate and Chocolate-Peppermint.

Madeleines - Rich French butter cakes, perfect for your afternoon tea. Choose between Orange-Cardamom, Strawberry, and Vanilla.

Assorted Cookies - Choose up to four of your favorite cookies, as available. Excludes Almond Paste with Pignoli. Indicate choices in "Add a Note" on cart page.


Fruit Cake (December only) - Loaf of buttery, light fruit cake with pecans, walnuts, and a variety of dried fruit.


Date & Walnut Bread - Old-fashioned goodness, just like Grandma used to make. Great just as it is, and even better warmed and schmeered with butter and cream cheese.

Cannoli - Crispy shells with a hint of cinnamon, filled with house-made ricotta cheese mixture, or Sicilian Citrus Custard Cream. Cannot be shipped.

Pasticciotti - Sweet tart filled with Pistachio Custard Cream, or Sicilian Citrus Custard Cream . Cannot be shipped. 

Rum Baba - Sponge cake soaked in sweet rum syrup, and accented with Sicilian Citrus Custard. Cannot be shipped.

​​Tiramisu - Ladyfingers dipped in our own coffee syrup,

and layered with house-made mascarpone cheese mixture. Topped with fresh whipped cream. Cannot be shipped.



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